The DYER Dinghy Collection

From left to right. 7’11 DYER Dhow “MIDGET” w/ 2HP outboard, 10′ DYER Dhow, 12½’ DYER Dhow, and 9′ DYER Dink on the dock

The Anchorage Inc., Dyer® Boats have been building dinghies for over 90 years. Although the first Dyer Dinghies were built in wood, the conversion from wood to fiberglass began in 1946 and is still in production today.

Dyer Dinghies are constructed of fiberglass combined with oak, mahogany, and Teak. We use wood wherever there are opportunities to strengthen, lighten, or improve the appearance of our boats. Dyer Dinghies are known for their unparalleled craftsmanship, renowned durability, and timeless quality. 

Today the Line of Dyer Dinghies consists of the 7’11” Midget, the 9′ Dyer Dhow, The 10′ Dyer Dink, and the 12½’ Dyer Dhow. 

All of these boats are available in rowing and sailing models.

The 7’11” DYER® Dhow “Midget”

The "Midget" is the most popular dinghy in the line because it has proven to be the perfect size for most cruisers and auxiliaries. A rowing model,  a sailing model, and a "convertible" model are available. 

The 9′ DYER® Dhow

Perhaps the most famous of the Dyer dinghy line is the 9′ Dyer Dhow. The Proven “Hard-Chine” or flat-bottom Dhow design offers greater stability than the comparable round bottom dinghies, allowing you to carry four people and gear with ease. In addition, the boat’s larger capacity and size make her very versatile and widely used amongst mariners. The 9′ Dyer Dhow is a popular yacht tender and a daysailer. The sailing model is the perfect trainer among junior sailors, and Unlike inflatables, you can seamlessly tow and row a 9′ Dyer Dhow. A Frostbiter’s favorite for over 65 years in one-design racing. The 9′ Dyer Dhow is a little boat with a long history, famous for its versatility and durability.


The classic 10′ Dyer Dink Designed by Philip L Rhodes, has been actively racing in one design and frostbite fleets since 1934. Superbly designed then she is still an exciting, spirited day-sailer today. Her traditional lines and responsive performance make this boat the ideal club racer and frostbiter. The Dyer Dink also does double duty as a classic yacht tender.

The DYER® Dhow 12 ½’

The Dyer Dhow 12 ½’ Is the ideal family day-sailer. Either a cat or sloop sail plan is easily rigged And provides comfortable non-demanding sailing. With the optional spinnaker equipment and reef points, she becomes a versatile trainer. Both parents and children will enjoy the comfortable molded fiberglass seating along each side and the safety of the built-in positive foam flotation.